Great-ish expectations

Every now and again, I get the opportunity to hang out with people far more evolved than I’ll ever be. And it’s nice to see that I still have plenty of growing to do, rather than regressing to please certain others.

One of those friends is getting divorced. But it’s far from an ending. It’s opening up a whole new world to her.

I don’t have to feel like shit every day anymore, she tells me. I can smile again and not have to apologize for it. I don’t have to contain my own light so as not to outshine anyone else who happily asserts their power to snuff it out.

That message felt a little pointed. But only in the best way.

We — collective we, as there were five Gemini goddesses present at my favorite restaurant last night for a collective birthday celebration — spoke of raising our vibrations and how we (me specifically) need to attract better neighbors … people who appreciate our ideas and experience … and better leadership as high as the national and international level.

I’m calling upon the universe for help. It’s time. It’s beyond time.

Later she asked me what “my type” is. And I thought, hmm, do I have one? Do I dare aspire to define what I might want, like I could actually get it?

So I told her. And the list went on. I have a look I like, and I said “financially smart, too.”

She’s like slow down, girl. Men don’t have that much to offer. Start small.

Hard to raise your vibration to get what you want when you have to keep your expectations so low. I excel in not expecting anything at all. But look where that’s gotten me.

It may not be time to dream big, but to start dreaming again at all, I guess.

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