Grammar lesson

Because Fate saw that I was looking a little hungry, it decided to serve up a shit souffle. My best friend, who was supposed to be in D.C. today, was unable to get on the plane because she and her two small kids are sick.

She had left a VM for me a couple of days ago to tell me the bad news, but I couldn’t retrive the message. I felt like it was bad news. I knew she was the one who’d called, but as her visit was the one thing in life that was sort of keeping me going, I felt the rock in my stomach and knew not to ruin that particular day.

I’m going to give you one of about 4,000 reasons why this woman is the BEST best friend a girl can have. Her new plan is to come out here in May to help me move. (Seriously, only the world’s BEST best friend would travel 3,000 miles for that kind of odyssey! Of course, if she moves back here, I’ll return the favor.)

Perhaps the only reason I’m not on suicide watch at her inability to visit THIS time is that we’ve talked a half-dozen times since then, of course — not to mention that she’d trained her precious 2-year-old to call me to wish me a “Happy V.D., Aunt Dawn!” (ingenious!)

Alex is potty-training right now, and when she’s done with her toilet time, she announces, “The end!”

Well yesterday, she said those words as my friend was attending to her 6-month-old son. So she asked her daughter to stay still for just a second (which she didn’t) as she raced across the room to put her training pants on her. Then Alex said, “Uh oh! More!” So my friend scooped her up to drag her back to the potty, at which time she stepped in the pile of poo that the kid had deftly left on the floor.

Reason #752 that I don’t want to have kids. 😉 I just couldn’t possibly handle the glamour of it all.

Of course, I told her to train Alex when to say “the end” and when it’s more appropriate to say “to be continued. …”

This, to me, is a great lesson in punctuation. It exemplifies when you should use ellipsis points instead of an exclamation point. Or, like I said in Reason #752, when a period (get it?) is better than anything else at all. … 😉

One Lonely Response to Grammar lesson

  1. Neil Morse :

    *gets stomach cramps from the pun*

    Let me know the dates in May so I can block them off on my calendar!