Government FAIL

Another friend came to me with good news today. I’m thinking it’s more than my turn to have some of my own. But … what?

Here’s quite the opposite, in fact:

Just got a notice from the county that they’re going to suspend my driver’s license for supposed non-payment of a ticket that they didn’t even have the courtesy to list.

Look, I speed. The worse things get, the more I speed. And I have paid every last dime to this wonderful county that I owed them. Usually within a week of receiving said tickets. OK, so I didn’t do my driver’s ed course. But I paid for it. Can they take away your license for that?

I tried to take the course. But when I finished reading the instructions within two minutes, I got an error message that I was supposed to spend five minutes on that page and to go spend my remaining three minutes reading the fucking instructions.

That was the last time I bothered logging in.

Fucking government.

Gee, if they take away my license, I won’t be able to drive to work anymore! Which is where I get most of my tickets anyway. Hmmm.

In any case, clearly the county government sucks as much as the state. I hear Gov. Rick Scott refused funds to set up the ObamaCare program down here, so the feds are going to have to build it for us. What a fucking dick. Why can’t someone suspend his ability to drive so he can’t go ruin our state a little bit more, every day that he arrives at his office?

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