‘Good job, God’

My friend called to tell me a story about her 3-year-old daughter (the one I was supposed to fly out t see today. *cough* Pray nobody gets on my last nerve today because homicide is justifiable in my mind).

They went to church, which is a feat in and of itself, and the sky was gorgeous. So the precocious little one pointed up at the sun and asked whether God made that. My friend said yes, and the little girl nodded thoughtfully, processing it. She declared, “Good job, God!” and got into the car.

She reminds me of a colleague’s 10-year-old daughter, who wants to sell something to make a profit. She wants to put a note on the flyer that half of the proceeds will benefit the Red Cross. When her mom asked her how she came up with that (as she was proud that her daughter was becoming so civic-minded), her daughter replied, “Because more people will buy it if it means they’re supporting a charity.”

Her mom’s a marketer. The dad had said, “Those are YOUR genes showing through!” And he’s right.

I seriously don’t remember being that smart at those ages. Hell, I’m not that smart at THIS age, either. …

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