Going all ‘Eternal Sunshine’

At my last real job (pre-freelance), my mantra was, “Thank God I have a job, even if it’s this one.”

At the one I’m at now, I’ve gotten a little wiser when it comes to God. These days I say, “Thank you for THIS job.”

Last week, someone on “the other side” asked me if I’d ever edited a certain guy in our industry. Since I have edited EVERYBODY in this industry, that was affirmative.

This person said, “There are no words to describe his writing.”

I said, “Sure there are. He writes long and repetitively and talks in circles till he drops you at the end like you just fell out of a house in a hurricane.”

My friend said, “So apparently there ARE words to describe it.”

Some wounds, you just can’t forget. Even if they’re the ones you inflicted on yourself with the express purpose of trying to go all “eternal sunshine” on yourself.

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