Goddess v. Thursday

In the case of Goddess v. Thursday, the plaintiff submits the following evidence against the defendant:

1. Started working at 7:30.
2. Web links didn’t work.
3. Web links started working but videos wouldn’t play.
4. Electricity went off but came back. Minor time delay in restarting the works.
5. Reams of edits made to very valuable files.
6. Documents previewed, links tested …. and the Web page goes down and redirects to something wrong…
7. … with four minutes till deadline. (Read: Just as I’m about to communicate with tens of thousands of people.)
8. Aaaand, the power goes out. For good. Because some schmuck hit an electrical pole and wiped out the whole damn island.
9. But did all my edits to the second broadcast get included before the power went out?
10. The home team at the ranch fixes everything and saves my butt.
11. Traffic jam on the A1A.
12. Team member needed for Very Important Project tomorrow morning calls to say they can’t participate. I’ve already advertised otherwise.

In the defendant’s favor, however:

1. Coffee was freshly brewed upon arrival at the ranch.
2. Yummy quiche and spanikopita awaited my consumption.

Due to the overwhelming evidence, I hereby declare Thursday FIRED, but he will receive severance for bringing in breakfast.


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