Goddess: 2, Fleas: 0

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Yesterday brought:

  1. One successful flea bath and one failed one
  2. A lot of lost blood on my part from scratching, screaming kitties
  3. Setting off three flea bombs
  4. Going to PetSmart for Advantix for both cats
  5. Driving around for three hours with two itchy kitties in the backseat while the treatment took effect
  6. Having Kadie take a piss in her carrier in the car
  7. Having Maddie (not to be outdone) take a dump in her brand-new carrier in the car,
  8. Re-bathing the cats when I got home
  9. Having Kadie thrash around so much, she turned on the showerhead and I got SOAKED.

I’m fucking exhausted. And I gotta give mad props to the OEH for cleaning the house before and after this adventure. I took care of my bathroom, the scene of the crime, but she took care of everywhere else. (I find I really like her now that I don’t have to live with her anymore!)

But after all the drama, I PWNED those fucking fleas.

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