Go Speed Racer, Go

In ever-so-surprising news, our heroine got pulled over for speeding on her way to work. Shocker. It was 9:25 a.m. and I had to be in for 9:30. Not that the cops cared. Assholes.

I am getting really fucking tired of getting pulled over for simply stupid speeds — doing 49 in a 35? Seriously?

I wasn’t even paying attention, truth be told. I was busy looking at all the gas stations’ prices and trying to figure out where I could fill up my tank for the cheapest amount. ($4.23 a gallon is unacceptable. Sorry. I was looking for something more along the lines of $4.15 or, I dunno, FREE.) And then I saw this bright yellow vest because the fucking cops around here WALK INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING HIGHWAY.

So, since I almost killed him — and, truth be told, I almost caused an accident several blocks earlier because I decided to take a different route to work (go figure) after I had nearly passed the exit — I was compliant. Bitter, but compliant.

Apparently Little Miss has a number of speeding tickets on file. Sure, I’ve paid ’em all, but still, apparently I am a reckless driver. So, he “only” charged me $80.

So, see, I imagine most people get a ticket and then behave for the remainder of their drive. Oh, no. Not me. I was good and pissed off and had to figure out a way out of the fucking ditch that they made me pull into.

So, of course, I did that at about 40 mph. Then I pealed out into traffic as fast as I could, to beat the bus that was barreling my way. Then I tailgated someone, passed someone else without using turn signals and flat out floored it.

I do feel bad that I was tailgating one of my friends into our parking lot at work. Hey, she got a new car — I didn’t recognize her!

So, basically, I own my $80 in moving violations today.

I was wondering with one of my friends why I got pulled over in the middle of the month, when it’s usually the end of the month that all the cops are out in full force. She suggested that my cop is on vacation at the end of the month and had to meet his quota early. 😉

Seriously, cops. Go fight some real crimes and leave me and my gas pedal out of it. Eighty bucks is a tank and a half of gas that I can’t buy, so thanks a lot!

2 Responses to Go Speed Racer, Go

  1. Valbee :

    As my father, the retired cop, loves to remind me, “If they wanted to, they could pull you over for doing ONE mile over the speed limit.”

    But the rule most police around here seem to observe (for the most part – there are still those speed traps that’ll get ya no matter what) is “Nine is fine, but 10? You’re mine.”

    This of course does nothing to help you in the $80 lost department, but I’m at lunch and felt like sharing. 🙂

  2. Caterwauling :

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