Go Iggles!

Went to see “Invincible” last night. Couple of thoughts:

  • It’s the first time I have EVER rooted for the Iggles Philly Eagles!
  • Best. Soundtrack. EVER.
  • The theater was pretty full, and I was one of maybe four or five women in attendance.
  • I didn’t cry at the love story. Instead, I cried every time “Vince Papale” experienced a win for himself and, ultimately, for the team.
  • The movie hurts to watch at times, it’s so painfully spot-on about inching toward a dream and always waiting for the plug to be pulled. But it’s so, so worth it!

The movie might have been able to have been set in any city, anywhere. It’s why we Pittsburghers (expats, too) love our Stillers — when the steel mills were shut down in the mid-’80s, we were all affected.

Day after miserable day, our parents and grandparents had no reason to wake up and keep going, only to be faced with more strife and defeat. We had nothing, yet without fail, everyone busted out the black-and-gold on game day. And for a couple of hours, we could just forget that the next morning would be filled with want ads and unemployment lines and bill collectors. At times like that it was a mixed blessing to have your phone shut off — your lifeline to the world was gone, but on the plus side, so was their line to you. But when our boys lost, we all were hurting together. And when they won, it was just a shining example that, hell, if they could feel some glory, maybe our own brighter days would come, too.

But back to the movie, even though I didn’t work at the Westinghouse factory, like Papale’s friends and dad did (and they were trying to survive a strike), my first “real” job was at Westinghouse in 1997, right before it folded. I got choked up at probably some of the dumbest times in the show, but man, to watch a football game in a movie theater? Spectacular. 😉

I’ve got to go paint my nails now (gotta be a girl again!) — but I’m gonna be wearing my Steelers shirt till it’s time to leave the house tonight!

One Lonely Response to Go Iggles!

  1. chris :

    Such a shame, that at age 32, you were finally refined enough to root for the E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!!!At least you are a football fan, and I don’t hate the Steelers at all. Just have to stick to your hometown affiliation.
    Am dying to see the movie, apparently back in 77 or 78 ( when it happened) it was a huge deal around here.
    Speaking of hardships, strikes, and closings…did you hear the Rolling Rock plant in Latrobe closed? Anheiser bought the beer and closed the place. I think it is the only reason people stayed in Latrobe, because the jobs were worthwhile there. Unbelievable.