Glad that’s over

Valentine’s Day ended up being all right. I have no complaints, just un-Tweeted thoughts that I knew better than to publish.

So, since I can’t say things like, oh, “How could you waste your time on her when you could have had me?” and “Against my better judgment, I’m thinking about you,” we’ll just mosey along to other topics like all the nice things people messaged to me to get me through the day. 🙂

Anyway, speaking of nice things, yesterday was all about food. But before I launch into that, I want to say that I lost 5.2 pounds last week alone, catapulting me over my anticipated 50-pound-loss mark. Go, me!

I got my 50-pound award, which is basically a copper donut to go on my copper keychain that accompanies the silver donut I got at 25 pounds down. I also got a magnet for the fridge with a star and a “50” and a rainbow. Whee!

When I was asked to talk my milestone at my meeting, they were disappointed when I called it a fluke. I think the meeting leader was looking for some inspirational words for the rest of the group, but I said, “Look, I spent four days at a trade show, standing for 15 hours at a time. When I could find 20 minutes to shovel food in my mouth, I couldn’t exactly be picky. And don’t get me started on the booze I ingested.”

Actually, that’s a little bit of a stretch. My normal meeting leader (I had to go weigh in on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday because I didn’t leave the office till after 10 p.m. on my regular meeting night) had told me, look, when your company is paying for it, get the fish. Be picky and rewrite the whole menu, if you want to. Don’t feel obligated to get the $20 hamburger (as I was captive in my hotel for a week) when you can spend six bucks more and get something that’s good for you.

He was SO right and I need to thank him. I always eat cheap, not healthily, when I travel. I see what everyone else is ordering and try to get an entree at that price or lower. And while I will probably always do that to some degree, I realized the ahi tuna appetizer at Sunset Sam’s cost the same as a chicken sandwich, and it was huge and filling and barely cost me any WW points. The chicken sammich would have cost me 10 points without condiments.

Of course, after yesterday, I’m sure I’ve found the five pounds I’d lost, as I went to Nagoya for lunch and Guapo’s for dinner.

Judging from my increasingly angry Tweets at Nagoya, I won’t be going back there. It’s tasty and cheap. If you don’t want service, this is a great place to eat.

I was going to go to Fontina Grill, which I love, love, love. But I don’t know. Sushi sounded better. The spicy mussel appetizer and spicy scallop roll as an entree made Goddess happy, just thinking about it.

So, I get seated, and am officially abandoned for 15 minutes. I had picked up a to-go menu so I figured out what I wanted. Then the server comes for my order, only to realize I don’t have a menu. She brings one back, but I said keep it — let me order so I can get on with my day.

I ordered diet coke without ice. As it was freezing and I was sitting in a corner with two windows, I said PLEASE no ice THREE TIMES.

So when she returned another 15 minutes later, guess what I got? ICE! *junk-punch*

Another 15 minutes later (yep, I was timing it), I got my food. Both the appetizer and the entree at once. Gee, thanks.

Lowest-possible tip, can has? Can has!

I think I had tweeted that “Nagoya” means “never gonna get served.” The food was really good, and totally cheap considering where it’s located (King Farm, Rockville). But since there were only two other tables occupied and I could SEE the chef making sushi 10 feet away, one wonders if they had to go to fucking Japan to GET my lunch.

So I ran into the same problem at Guapo’s, where I ordered soup and an entree, and everything came out at once. You know, I opted not to get the veggie fajitas because I didn’t want 15 plates in front of me. But yep, I had a bowl of soup, a side plate of soup fixins, and my spinach enchiladas. (And sangria glass, of course.) I know I was the only one to order a appetizer, but come on already — why punish me for it?

It was interesting how crowded the restaurant was. I go by there frequently and usually the two servers on duty are standing outside, waiting for paint to dry. Valentine’s Day probably singlehandedly served to boost the economy.

Anyway, as I messaged on Facebook, happy Valentine’s Day to all my boys … even the ones not smart enough to spend it with me. Especially them. If there’s a problem to having a harem (which, I’m finding, suits me JUST fine), it’s that there are no standouts waiting to swoop in and sweep you off your feet. You’d think at least one of them would be jealous that you’re out with someone else. 😉

Of course, you wonder whether the one you’re thinking about, is thinking about you, too. Or if you’re like me, you were thinking about three of them and got yourself to sleep knowing that one or more of them probably said someone else’s name last night, but thought of you instead.

A girl can dream, anyway. …

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