I was just looking at my work calendar when I realized that I scheduled my vacation on a day that I’m supposed to be in training. GDI GDI GDI!!!!

I took the vacay prior to a work trip, as I couldn’t take it after the trip because I have to be back for training. But genius me forgot about the five-week training in general.

I really, really hate myself right now.

I’ll figure it out. Meaning, I have now two flights to fucking shuffle. Gee, like money grows on trees around here. I don’t mean to imply I am not paid well for my efforts. I am — when you look at the gross pay. It’s just when the gubmint gets their share, I’m down almost a fucking comma. I am seriously considering killing off the healthcare and/or the 401(k) so I can make ends meet, although ponder the irony of paying into Social Security when it’s not going to be there for me yet not paying into my own retirement fund. Brilliant, Goddess. Seriously.

Look, if the government wants to hijack a third of the income that I work hard for, the least it can do is give armor to the troops fighting the war I don’t agree with and not waste money fighting useless battles (like against gay marriage and abortion). Is that so much to ask?

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