Fuck the world. Really.

I only wish I could have taken this photo. I was in bed during the lunar eclipse, of course. I wake up around 5 a.m. because it takes me about three hours to get motivated in the mornings.

I find myself giving Santa the same list I did last year. Only the names have changed.

I have to get back to church. I will return for candlelight services. And then keep going back. Mom even said I say “Die in a Fire!” more than I normally do when I’m not going to church. I’d wager that most of the people I say it about DO deserve to die in one. But that’s not me. I’m nice. Damn it. I pray for people. I don’t root for their demise. Because Karma is a bitch, yo, and she dishes it RIGHT back.

Of course, I’m hoping some people get a triple scoop this holiday season, after the shit sandwich they served me at some point this year!

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