Friday randomness


It’s weird when you work on your birthday, in a world in which you’ve become accustomed to giving your birth date and Social Security number for practically everything. I work with a lot of time-sensitive, dated material. And I cannot tell you how many documents on which I wrote “1974” after yesterday’s date. The first sign of getting old, I guess!


Unrelated, I was telling my best friend about this bizarro dream I had Wednesday night. I described it in ridiculously minute detail, as that’s how I dream. She paused and said that it sounded like it could be a storyline out of “Grey’s Anatomy.” LOL. The funny thing is, I tend to write in very much the same style as “Grey’s” is, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it appear somewhere next season, as I’ve already seen two of my storylines (roughly) appear on the show. But holy crap, if that dream were meant to be symbolic, let’s just say I got the damn message, and since then, I’ve been thinking of little else.


Jobs you don’t envy: anyone who works with me.

My bookcase has developed a mold problem. I mean, a bad one. I’m allergic as all hell to mold, too. I was telling our department assistant about it, and to prove it, I made her smell my cute stuffed frog’s ass, which had sat atop the bookcase and now smells like dry-roasted ass. And just that visual of me shoving a frog’s ass into the face of someone I love and respect, well, says a lot about my day. “Smell my frog!”

The good news is I’m not the only one with a mold problem. I just hope I can finally get a new office — preferably one with a window — out of it, but I doubt it. But hey, can’t blame a girl for asking!


I’ve graduated from eating ramen noodles to eating Lean Cuisines for lunch. But I’ve noticed that within an hour of snarfing down whatever horrid delicacy I’ve chosen for lunch (which I usually eat at 3 p.m.), I’m never really satisfied and always hit the vending machine for HoHos or something equally disastrous. Yup, I’m all about the balance. Hey, at least I’ve had *something* healthful in me!


I need to send a special shout-out to Sabre for giving me my only birthday hug. Seriously, that was what was missing all day yesterday — human contact. Well, that and her scaring some folks I’d been talking to by offering me a birthday spanking and me scaring them further with an enthusiastic response to the effect that I’d never miss out on a spanking. 😉

One Lonely Response to Friday randomness

  1. Sabre :

    Well, what are friends for, if not scaring off others and bringing spankings and love to your life? The look on one face in particular was priceless. Damn my eyes for not having cameras built in to capture that stuff!