Frayed, redux

I figured I’d try to salvage an edit the kid did on the big project that continues to haunt me.

Kid seems to think the sanctions imposed against a big, meanie of a country are meant to help its economy.

Kid also thinks people can have rising bottom trendlines. Which, in a porn I like to watch, I can see where that is conceivable.

But generally replacing “we” with the writer’s name when the writer was talking about an industry doesn’t make any sense.

I’m sure writing that (insert name) is “at an all-time high” is probably a fair statement. But the only worse thing than editing something so blatantly incorrectly is rewriting the whole article based on bad assumptions that Google could have easily busted in the first place. Or, not even Google. Reading the original text works too.

Redrum. REDRUM!!!!

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