There was a wonderful gal who was the reason I got my good job in D.C. I mean, she simply forwarded my resume to the guy who would end up hiring me. But she didn’t have to give me the time of day.

I wouldn’t say we ended up as besties. But I’ve been her No. 1 fan ever since.

I thought of her today for reasons I can’t explain (laaah-sewts and such) — (aside: MY GOD when will people ever LEARN?!?!)

Back in the day, there was some schmuck who kept harassing my friend. Sexually and otherwise.

He’s … gross. And an ass. She was pretty and young and in love with her husband VERY MUCH.

My friend and the asshole were also equally talented. But his talents were valued highly … perhaps too much.

And so, she tolerated his shit for a long, long time. After all, it’s a man’s world and a man’s field we play in. But at some point she lost her shit … and rightly so.

It was mostly ignored by the higher-ups till they came up with the brilliant solution to let him go and bring him back as a freelancer … making more money.

Oh yeah, THAT’LL teach him.

He’s gone on to appear all over the TV shows/networks we all watch in my field. Ugly mofo.

My friend quit after she had to keep working with him. There were more reasons she left, which were good ones like having a baby and all. But I am not overly sure she wouldn’t have stuck it out awhile longer if she hadn’t had that “ick” factor still in her professional life.

Fuckhead Fucklestein might have gone on to bigger and better things as a result of his shithead actions. But he will always be the Bill Cosby of that company to me.

As my one friend said today, we need to round up all these assholes and have a ball-cutting party …

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