Well, I did it.

I’m getting out of town, damn it.

Hell yeah!

I’ve had a really good week. Sure, I worked 40 hours in three days, but what else is new? But for every excruciatingly annoying moment, there was a pleasant one and an awesome one. So, win!

It doesn’t kill much of my vacation time, but the fund is pretty exhausted. Humph. Damn gas prices. Just filled up for $4.23 a gallon. *kicks the oil speculators*

I was having buyer’s remorse yesterday as I talked with my travel agent and kept repeating, “How much?” every time she gave me a hotel or a flight price. This is a business/personal trip, so at least the airfare’s taken care of. *whew* So I felt a little justified in splurging for the four-star hotel for “my” portion of the stay, since I oftentimes stay outside the city limits and spend the extra money to cab it everywhere.

Besides, I hear it’s going to rain the whole time I’m there (joy), so at least I’ll have access to a spa and room service. So if that’s the extent of my vacation? I won’t be mad at that.

What’s funny is how I keep hearing that we’re in an economic downturn (or is it a recession) and nobody’s traveling. Really? I couldn’t find an available hotel room or an empty seat on a flight to save my life. It’s pretty bad when it would cost the same to book on Expedia as it does to call an agent. The good part about booking through a live person, however, is that I can actually cancel or modify my itinerary and I don’t have to forfeit my life savings.

Now, the real trick will be seeing whether I can keep up my newfound vegetarianism when I’m out and about. It’s funny — I gave up meat a few weeks ago and I find I don’t miss it that much. I had to “cheat” because I got home from work at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday and all I had was a lousy Lean Cuisine in the freezer, and it was terrible. I don’t know if it was just the fact that it was a flavorless frozen dinner (I tried spicing it up) but bleah, it wasn’t so awesome.

Anyway, speaking of not so awesome, I’ve been cleaning all morning. It’s the first holiday I haven’t worked in probably a decade, so I had to do something with myself. It’s debatable whether I will attend any Fourth of July festivities as we have daily thunderstorms and another one is being predicted for tonight. And if there’s one thing I hate more than people crowds, it’s being rained on.

Why is it the one holiday in which I don’t have to wake up and go to work the next day has the crummiest weather on the docket?

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