Feel-good time

Every year when I lose all my vacation time, I get exhausted.

It’s been a slow-ish week or two which means that not everything has been on fire.

By others’ standards, my weeks are still plenty busy. And long.

But by mine, they are as close to vacation as I get.

I’ve been spending every waking minute training my person. And untraining. And retraining. And retraining some more.

And even though I got stabby as recently as yesterday, I’m committed to this. I don’t need him to learn everything. I just need him to learn enough at this point. And that goal is coming closer.

I got to spend an hour last night talking to my favorite person. And I realize, THIS is what life is all about. SCHEDULING FEEL-GOOD TIME.

I figure, for all the years of my life I’ve lost to the career tsunami (and all its aftermath) of the last 10 years, I deserve that hour. I deserve to not have my ass on fire all day, every day, both before everyone else gets to the office and then again long after they’ve all left.

I deserve more than that hour. I deserve about two years’ worth of lost days off.

So yeah I’m stressed out about projects people need from me right now. It’s not that I don’t have time to do them. I just don’t have the brain. Or heart.

But at least, with an hour of fun time here and there, I have a shot in hell of growing that heart back.

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