Fat girls and food

Little pisses me off more than a weekend full of shitty weather. What’s the point of sunshine and light when you’re hidden away all week? It seems cruel on Mother Nature’s part to make it 80 degrees and gorgeous on a Tuesday but then make it 50 degrees and rainy on a Saturday, especially when there are fall street festivals of which to partake.

That said, we did the Taste of Bethesda festival Saturday. It was drizzly and cruddy, weatherwise, but for the opportunity to sample food from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, McCormick & Schmick’s and a whole slew of other local eateries, bakeries and coffeehouses, well, what’s a lil rain? Rain be damned — that ain’t enough to keep a fat girl away from food! 😉

Ruth’s had little steak sandwiches, with a medium-rare slice of meat on a tiny onion bun with a dollop of horseradish sauce. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost, I said. 😉 M&S had a crabcake sandwich, but the bread wasn’t anything to brag about. And as we got there late and they wanted to close up, they were practically giving them away.

I was bummed to miss out on Morton’s and Jaleo, but really, I’ll live. The key to these festivals is scoping out the high-end restaurants first and then figuring out what else you want. (Like a cannoli from Cafe Europa. Yum.)

It was so freaking cold, I gladly waited in line for a half-hour to get a cuppa java from Quartermaine Coffee Roasters. It was quite tasty, and I’d never heard of them before but apparently the original founders of Starbucks established Q’s in Rockville in 1991.

If I’ve lost any weight recently, the Taste o’ Bethesda reversed it. It also inspired me to cook today. (*gasp*) I’d forgotten how much I like to cook — I tend to destroy the kitchen because I’m doing four things at once.

Speaking of the kitchen I’ve now cooked in exactly twice since I’ve moved, I bought a cute chandelier for it at IKEA today. I figure I should do red and black accents, as my mom sort of started collecting Southwestern shit for it. And as I’ve not even unpacked the rest of the house (and don’t plan to, quite honestly — I have a bad feeling about getting too comfortable here), it’s nice to have one room that might have a theme other than chaos. Although, I did forget that the kitchen is the only room with adequate lighting and I didn’t need the black wrought-iron thingn with red glass tealight holders after all!

In any event, ramble ramble ramble. Steelers at San Diego tonight. Kick some ass, Stillers!!! Seven-to-zip in the first quarter, baybee!

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