Family reunion 2011

Reporting live from Downtown Disney tonight. Woo!

I am having such a good time at the Money Show. The trip was off to an auspicious start, what with Priceline’s sense of humor when it comes to a “three-star resort.” That and the having to leave the hot tub because one of the hotel employees would not leave me the hell alone as I tried to soak was not the best omen. And don’t get me started about what happens when you miss your turn onto International Drive and instead turn onto World Center Drive. (Hint: Add an extra half-hour to your commute in the rain.)

Things perked up (ahem) when I got my standard booty call request. I didn’t succumb to the weakness this time around, but it made me feel good to still be on speed-dial. 🙂

I did my usual networking today. It was fun to commiserate with those who made, shall we say, a similar career move to me and how the rumors are true about other companies.

I saw one of our old leaders at the company I loved. He gave me a huge hug and asked how I’m doing. I said I am great — no complaints. He laughed hysterically and asked whether I’d gotten a personality transplant.

I laughed because I never expected that to come out of his mouth. But my friends were offended. And we all concluded very easily that the reason I have no complaints is that I have no bosses to deal with anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t love not knowing where the next rent payment is coming from. But everyone says I look serene, tan and happy. That Florida seems to agree with me. That the smoking ball of stress they used to know — the overachiever who was annoyed at how no one else “got it” — has never been calmer.

Being around “family” is also awesome because everyone is like, wait, you are unemployed? You who kicked ass? How stupid are the people in this world? I didn’t have to say a bad word to or about anyone. I don’t want to. But I’m not above agreeing with my friends when THEY say it. 😉

I had a great conversation with an old friend about all the things I’ve learned since I’ve been gone. He and I always worked well together, but he said, “Our Goddess grew up on us.” I liked that. I had to go away to get smarter and stronger. I would never have been as well-rounded without all the experiences I’ve had so far.

He works for himself. He said you get to a point in life where you just can’t deal with the same old stuff. We both worked for the best boss on earth and he agreed when I said he set the bar impossibly high for everyone else who would follow.

My friend said I seem to have gotten to that point, and that I am wasting my time if I keep trying to get jobs as a subordinate. Of course, I will take anything that pays the bills at this point, but there is a whole lot of truth in what he said. If I am not in a situation where I am in charge and allowed to do whatever comes naturally, I am never going to be fully functional.

Anyway, I didn’t find my dream job today. But I got lots of hugs and compliments and learned lots of stuff from some of the smartest people I know, respect and love.

Orlando always marks a turning point in my life. Two years ago, I got a job offer that brought me to Florida. Last year, as I was trying desperately to leave that job, my family built up the self-esteem that had taken such a beating … that they wanted me back reminded me of my value. And here I am again, searching for whomever I am going to be next.

Maybe this time, I will finally be myself. I just hope that when next year at this time rolls around, I will still be a happy and tanned Floridian, but one with her dream job who can inspire the younger generation that if I can do it, so can they. And maybe the older generation that hasn’t yet had the balls to break out and fly, too. 😉

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