Fall down, go boom. Ow.

I had a lovely drive along the A1A to work today — one of my last before I move inland.

An hour later, I had a lovely drive home.

Apparently the new restaurant under construction downstairs — the one that was due to open last September, just varnished its floors. And the whole place stinks like acrylic nails.

I lasted maybe an hour with tears streaming out of my eyes and my voice half-gone just in time for the morning status call.

When I could finally run free, I stopped at Starbucks and ran up the stairs in the parking garage to fetch Stewie.

Unfortunately I was running so fast, I fell flat on my face on the stairs.

I spilled exactly four drops of coffee. Banged my knee and blew out the toes in my pantyhose. But I’m so physically destroyed from moving that I was none the worse for wear.

The thing is, I dusted myself off, whispered “Thank you God” a few times, and was on my way.

A woman watching me thought I was nuts. But the way I figure, I lived. I’m intact. Nothing is broken and hey, I get to spend my evening commuting time packing instead of sitting in beach traffic.

So, while I wouldn’t say I won this day, I definitely didn’t lose anything other than my balance. And maybe a piece of lung. 🙂

2 Responses to Fall down, go boom. Ow.

  1. Ray :

    HI! Just happened upon your website as I was researching the word CATERWAUL and I had to read a few of your posts. You really made it feel like I was there with you in each post! Here you mentioned that you went to go “fetch Stewie”. I am just curious is Stewie a cat? I have a cat named Stewie! I thought I was sooo original naming my cat after my favorite Family Guy character! LOL

  2. Goddess :

    Thanks for your sweet comment, Ray! Stewie is my cranky little red car. His paint is peeling off and he looks like a stewed tomato. Thank you for visiting — your comment made my day!