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The Debilitating Scars of Bullying

“Adults who have been bullied as children can unconsciously regress into the role of the victim. They may not create situations in adulthood where they’re bullied, but they feel as if they are.”


The other day, my friend Michael said, “You hide behind this ‘air sign’ b.s. and you never say what you want. I know you. You know exactly what you want. You say you’re fine with ‘whatever’ and maybe you are. But you act like you don’t care and you do. Say what you want.”

In any event, I’m not a fan of people conveniently blaming their childhood or their relationships past or jobs past, as a way of not dealing with the present.

Conveniently blaming, I said. God knows we’ve all been scarred by one or more of them.

In any event, I won’t name names or write stories. But I wonder if I really worked through some of the “feeling very small” incidents from my youngest years have contributed to the mess I can be, more than I ever realized.

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