Also from the Department of Bad Decisions …

Waited all night for someone who shall we say borrowed an article from another site to rewrite it. It just arrived before 11 pm. I already have Plan B laid out and ready to test. But I’m so pissed I wasted over an hour on Plan A that I’m tempted to salvage Plan A with rewrite B. Bad hiring decision there. 

Waited till the last minute to buy a suit for a two-day circus next week. But this has a happy ending. Circus canceled. And I’m taking the days off. First days off since 2011. I just hope next week everyone Googles like I did today. Because, copyright. 

Accidentally got someone in trouble today. Didn’t mean or want to. And it wasn’t Soccer Ball to the Skull, who deserves it. I hate when it’s one of the overly competent ones. One stupid oversight and no real harm done. But, telephone game. Damn it. 

And as for what makes me the executive director of the Bad Decisions department, I am so insanely jealous of walkable-city denizens. Like to the point of wanting to join them and being crazy jealous of dopey wives who get to live in them because of their husbands. Maybe wanting to marry for love is just a pipe dream. Kudos to those who can tolerate someone so they can be taken care of. 

Welp. Shot out of bed at 5:30 am to work. It’s 11:30 pm. Time to remake the donuts. 

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