Fairmont Pacific Rim

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Had the best night out ever last night. I was apprehensive at first. Tried on about seven outfits. Ended up going casual with an old favorite.

(Nothing fits … diet starts again tomorrow. But first? Road trip to Little Havana with the lovely Lady L for a Cuban sammich!)

I call my friend “Lady L” because, well, her name starts with L. But I was thinking at some point, she’s also “Lady Luck” as well. Because, seriously, if you want your life to be better, don’t you hang around with people who have a great attitude and to whom great things come because of that ray of sunshine shooting out of their butt? 😉

I’d love to say I’ve been deep in my head the past few days. But I haven’t. Clarity has struck me in a way that I never anticipated. And maybe my new glasses are just the right strength, but I’m seeing the world with 20/20 vision.

And I’m both loving it and hating it at the same time.

In quasi-related news, the UEOEH and I had a long, ugly talk yesterday. Lots of tears (from her). Lots of accusations. Lots of misperceptions and missing the point. I NEEDED our group night out last night to recover from it!

I won’t bore anyone with the details. But I will say I’m looking at a lovely dining room set. I also zeroed in on my dream car.

I decided not to enroll in our 401(k) plan at work. At least, I’m going to miss the Monday deadline. It’s my intent to enroll in January. I am going to save up for a down payment on my dream car as my Christmas present to myself.

It will be nice to have a car whose A/C works. That doesn’t lurch at red lights. That actually stops when dumbfuck pedestrians and bicyclists dart out in front of me when I’m speeding along the A1A.

I’m back to my “I don’t want to have kids” phase. I had a long talk with someone about my childhood. And I realize why it’s important to me to have freedom, privacy and, oh, cash. Never had a drop of any of it till I was into my second decade.

I want 1,200-threadcount sheets. I want to fly first class to Barcelona — and, hell, to Baltimore! I want to not fret that the car loan is going to be $60,000 simply because I have shit credit. I want to pay for Mom’s seat on the space shuttle to the moon. I want plastic surgery. I want the finest wines and cheeses that money can buy.

And that will be Enough for me.

I just hope to earn (or have access to) enough to enjoy the lifestyle to which I expect to become accustomed!

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