Enjoy now. Panic later.

“I used to be a writer,” I said to my fellow director. “Before all this.”

To be fair, I did some writing today. It was fun.

It’s all good, really.

I realized that I hadn’t written anything here in two weeks. Not for lack of anything to say. It’s just that I’ve been … fine.

I got to talking with a gal who’s leaving the company tomorrow. I opted to take over the most-important part of her job. It’s huge and too much to train me on in just a few days.

But really, there’s no one else … and certainly no one else I’d trust as much to handle what is, in effect, the life blood of what it is we do.

She and I got to talking about how, for both of us, everything is fine. Which generally means, oh shit.

Nothing is wrong? Really, nothing AT ALL is wrong?

Time to panic!

Well, panic later. Enjoy now.

I really am enjoying the peace. And trying really hard to just be grateful for how good things are, and not wonder when it’s all going to change. Maybe this time, it will stay fine for a good, long while …

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