ENFP seeking INTJ

All I have to say today: Mandalay. Thanks to Isabel for introducing me to the fabulosity that is spring roll salad and eggplant and squash fritters.

Realization: I suddenly love to drive. Hated it for a long time, but now, it’s in my blood. I’m still directionally illiterate, but with Isabel as my navigator all day yesterday, we lived and we got to our myriad destinations in one piece. It’s like a game, driving in D.C. — if you get fewer than three scratches or one dent in any single odyssey, you win! If you only have 17 assholes cut you off and you only cut off 10 people, you’re in the bonus round! Blow through more than five red lights (without getting ticketed, natch), and you are a champion!

In any event, Isabel is an awesome backseat driver, swearing at everyone just as much as I do and applauding my car’s excellent turning radius, because we did a number of brilliantly executed U-Turns. 😉 Good times!

We went to an awesome workshop on Myers-Briggs Personality Typing. I was always an ENTP, but for giggles, I tested again and found that I am now an ENFP (extrovert, intuitive, feeling, perceiving). The facilitator was also the same type as me, and I got some really great insights into how my personality relates to (and offends) the rest of the world. And apparently my best love match is the INTJ. Anybody out there fit the bill? I’m looking! 😉 In any event, I’m a harmonizer, truth-teller and no-holds-barred bullshit detector who needs honesty or won’t invest in a relationship on any level.

Anyway, the free version of the test is online here, and you can assess your results at Personality Page. Our group was most interested in the indexes in relation to working better with colleagues and finding good employment fits.

One thing that was scary, though, was that my type — particularly the NF — is the most-often represented group among the homeless (a rank I am trying desperately to avoid joining). We are scattered and love to scurry to the beat of our own internal drummers. We don’t want to stay anywhere too long, and our hell is being stuck somewhere. (!) Yeah, that’s me in a nutshell, and that explains why I’ve been applying for work in New York City. 😉

Anyway, I know nobody reads this on the weekends, so I can be nice and verbose because nobody’s reading anyway. But seriously, the facilitator made an interesting point that he won’t go out on a date without knowing somebody’s personality type. And if the prospective date doesn’t know A) WTF this is about or B) what their type is, then they just aren’t a good match off the bat. I love that. This whole self-science field is just fascinating.

In any event, we topped off a full day with a fabulous board game party in Silver Spring, full of familiar faces. It was nice to get out of the house and, in essence, escaping the prison of myself. I am truly hoping that I can speak things into existence — if I were really as happy as everyone says I look and sound, wouldn’t that be divine? In any event, the resounding factor is that people notice that I just don’t bitch anymore. What has happened to me?!!? LOL. Well, I guess that really is one personality trait I can live without. 😉

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9 Responses to ENFP seeking INTJ

  1. Erica :

    I’m an INTJ. On some days. Some days I’m an ISTJ. Every time I take the test it flip-flops. I’m a flip-floppa! And I also spent last night at a board game party. ;P

    Is Meyers-Briggs typing the new “What’s your sign?”? I had a friend who was way into the Ennegream and went around typing everyone.

    It’s all fascinating, but that’s a lot of info to absorb and have at your fingertips. I’d have to keep a cheatsheet on me.

  2. Serenity :

    I am an INFP — homeless, way scary but I can so relate. I have been consciously dancing to the beat of a different drummer all my life…

  3. Anonymous :

    i’m an intj textbook-case too.
    My best friends are all NFs~! There is a lot of charm in those characters and they have so much of the heart i miss 🙂
    i especially like INFPs, i love their poetic artistic, boheme natures and their cute shyness. Plus they have a HUGE heart. ENFPs are also fun but i doubt i could partner with a strong extrovert, they can be exhawsting to introverts like me!

  4. Benjamin :

    I’m a strong INTJ who’s dated a few ENFP chicks, and they are by far my favorite type. I wouldn’t even consider marrying any other (which is why I’ll probably die single). Anyway, it’s a match I’d strongly recommend if you can manage to find one of us (we’re rather rare). Best of luck. 🙂

  5. AEGUS :

    i’m terminally INTJ, and am curious how you found that we are your match. let me know the source. my experience with women has been such that they need constant reassurance as to where they stand with me. i sympathize with my INTJ brethren who must go through the same thing. being misunderstood is our fate!
    if i find out what type best matches me i’ll carry a test in my pocket pc and administer it on the first date(or before)so that i won’t waste their time or mine.
    i’ll need to begin every encounter with “what’s your type?” instead of “what’s your sign?” 😀

  6. Anonymous :

    You must like be Meg Ryan…Wondering if you’re still around.
    Here INTJ from Canada, looking to find you.

  7. Anonymous :

    I am an ENFP female that finds the INTJ the most attractive of all the males and the most difficult for me to have a relationship with. His standards for my behavior, looks, etc. are impossible to fill. So I am going to go back to dating an INFJ so that I can get away with more slack.

    ISTJ is boring in bed and I typically can’t stand SJs in any form. I certainly won’t date any non N. Because I find intuitives more facinating. SPs are too rowdy and agressive.

    I want N kids. INFJ is the sweetest but INTP is also a favorite of mine. INTJ is definitely the sexiest though.

  8. Anonymous :

    I wrote the anonymous posting above and if I could find an INTJ in his mid thirties I might consider dating him IF he would accept me for the way I am and not try to change me, not try to make me into something I am not, meaning not try to make me the perfect housewife because I am a mess and also I have polycystic ovarian syndrome so I am not real thin, I look like a red headed plump Meg Ryan.


  9. Caterwauling :

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