That’s how many things I screwed up today. Well, not ALL today, but things I discovered from the past couple of weeks including today.

Nothing was fatal, by any means. Everything has a solution.

The problem is, I can point to 10 out of those 11 and recall receiving a visit, an IM, a THIS NON-CRISIS IS A CRISIS NOW GO FIX IT or otherwise a “Hey I know your IM status says you’re busy but what time would you like to meet three Thursdays from now?”

Unfortunately, that problem does NOT have a solution.

I was thinking maybe I need to get out of this field altogether when one of my frienemies at work said she’s going through the same thing — getting interrupted to solve a crisis when you were already solving another crisis.

I genuinely don’t have another “crisis” left in me. I don’t think any of us do. All full for 2014 — see you next year!

I picked up my car from my mechanic a few minutes ago and asked if he likes his job. He says he LOVES it. He doesn’t fix cars but he digs running the business and working with great mechanics and having cool customers and being able to feel good about the work his team does.

My mouth hit the floor. I haven’t heard anyone that excited about their job since, well, EVER.

Or maybe that was just my cracked tooth hitting the floor since, while dealing with everyone else’s crises, I failed to be able to address my own.

I didn’t solve anybody else’s either. Go figure. And I have about four more to go before it’s all said and done tonight.

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