Election Day

Ah, Election Day. The big draw here is that I vote at the fire station across the street that’s on the ocean. Because, hot firemen.

This year I have zero passion about it. I always vote. Always. This year, meh. *shrug* *coin flip* Charlie Crist or Rick Scott? Tweedledum or Tweedle-Hates-Women? Oh wait …

I used to be as blue or yellow or whatever dog a Democrat as it gets. And I would never say I’m a Republican or, worse, a Libertarian these days.

But while my leanings aren’t changing, I do feel the ground upon which I so firmly planted my feet shifting.

It’s kind of like when you get into your occasional sexuality struggle. It’s like, let’s face it, women are hot and they know how to please. But then you realize you crave cock too much and even the battery-operated kind just won’t do it.

Oh, wait, not everybody goes through that every couple of years? Never mind then. 😉

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