“Grey’s Anatomy” writers are kickin’ it old-school — blogging Season 1 episodes! Krista Vernoff kicks off this glorious odyssey via her “If Tomorrow Never Comes” trip down memory lane. …

My favorite line from this one? When Cristina asks Burke, of their budding personal entanglement, “Do you really need a definition? Do you really want to be ‘that guy’?” This was also the ep that turned me on to Butterfly Boucher (“Never Leave Your Heart Alone”), although I grabbed some other MP3s of theirs and must say that “Grey’s” picked the only good one.

One Lonely Response to Duuude

  1. Valbee :

    Don’t be shocked… but I’ve never watched “Grey’s Anatomy.” I know, I know… I can hear you gasping all the way in Ohio. 🙂

    But based on your posts about it and the fact that my best friend watches it religiously (and I never knew!), I’ve decided to check out the first season on DVD from Netflix. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll find something to watch on TV this fall now that they’ve taken away my beloved “West Wing.”