Dreams and such

Seems that when I don’t have love or work to complain about, I get pretty damned dull. Really, what else is there to talk about?

So I had a dream last night. Met a really nice guy and kept marveling at all the things we had in common. He was good-looking, smart, big. *ahem*

In the midst of this dream, my phone vibrated. (Doesn’t everyone keep their iPhone under their pillow?) I had gotten a message from a dating site right at that moment. Could that be the one?

I continued sleeping (as I’m on Hour 48 of some hideous strain of typhoid/ebola/West Nile) and when I got up and logged into the dating site, I got taken to someone else’s profile. Someone I’ve never met or gotten a message from or anything like that. Someone … who has a whole shitload of things in common with me, just like in the dream.

I wonder whether that’s my someone? Or, rather, my next someone, since I’m not in the mood to go “all in” again anytime soon.

We shall see …

In other news, apparently it’s talk like a pirate day. And one of my boy’s whores (Whorothy) is all about wanting to be a wench for Johnny Depp. I’m waiting for her to post something crass on his Facebook page about what day it is, since I saw her call him “Pirate Boy” on his birthday and I wanted to fly out to God’s country and plant a foot in the scorched cornfield she calls her crotch.

Please, Lord, keep me from posting, “But you’re a wench EVERY day, you ignorant slut! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum — any man would have to be PISS FUCKING DRUNK to be attracted to your skank ass.”

Here’s to hoping that saying it here is enough. 😉

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