I had to look up an old article I wrote (back from my byline days).

They didn’t keep much on the web of mine. But there was one really good call I made in 2011 and they keep it up there. I wish they or I had posted the results. But it was my one and only trade recommendation, and a profitable one at that if anybody listened to it.

I got to thinking about how I set the style for an entire department. I wrote certain things certain ways, and they still stick to that style. No one did it before me.

It was my baby. Beautifully grotesque and kept me up most nights.

I was writing down some goals this morning. And they seemed so small in comparison to things I’ve done. Basically now I write tasks when back then I wrote visions. Impossible stuff. Cool-ass things that even I didn’t dream I could do.

I like to think I was pretty motivated. But I had someone ego pushed me hard too. Wanted me to be able to say I did a lot. Dragged me kicking and screaming at times.

I owe that person so much.  

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