Drama queen

After not wearing heels for two days, man these pointy bitches are driving me up the fucking wall. 🙂 I managed to get a sunburn yesterday for the brief time I was above the Mason-Dixon line, so I’m a wee bit, oh, hot today too.

I know, bitch bitch bitch!!! 🙂

I hate it that I don’t hit my stride in the day till after 1 p.m. Seems like a waste, all the hours before it. I have never really worked less than an eight-hour workday in my life, but if I could just hit the *right* hours, I could take it from 12 hours to six and a half, and the productivity level would remain the same.

I remind myself of a not-skinny “Ally McBeal” — when someone asked her why her problems received so much drama and emphasis, she’d replied simply, “Because they’re mine.”

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