Down with the sickness

Shopping bender weekend.

This is one of the hardest months for me financially in quite awhile, so how do I deal with my outright depression over winter and being back in my routine and feeling just outright “blah” in general about life’s incessant inanities? By taking the remaining “emergency” money from my moving fund and going to IKEA and a whole bunch of other places. Because, seriously. Winter clearance. w00t!

I got this pair of jeans that make my ass look great. And nothing makes THAT bejunked trunk look remotely bearable, so I bought them. Problem is that they just squish all the rolls elsewhere. LOL. I know I should’ve looked for a size bigger, but this is my motivation! To get off my ass and to eat better! Or to just stop eating altogether and save money for more shopping!


I have this problem that I’m between sizes, so shit either is snug as a bug in a rug (and I look like a fucking pretzel dog in it) or it hangs off of me.

Like what I’m wearing today, who the hell ever thought hipster jeans would look good on me? (That would have been me. But they were on sale last week for $11, and who could pass up a deal like that?) I bought a size too big, and good thing, because the legs were too short for me before, but as the jeans are hanging halfway down my ass, they reach my ankles. woo hoo! Shopping success!

In any event, I’ve cleaned out Old Navy, Hecht’s and J.C. Penney and a few other places I can’t remember right now. I won’t have money left over this month for groceries, but that’s fine, ’cause I have those new jeans I need to figure out how to squeeze myself into so I can wear them out in public!

Next payday, car repairs and a new cologne, although I should REALLY start saving up to move and for this exquisite wonder. … *drool*

One Lonely Response to Down with the sickness

  1. Erica :

    OMG, I so want a MacbookPro. Although, at this point, I’d just be happy to upgrade to Tiger.

    And now that I know what your favorite perfume smells like, I feel compelled to track down all the scents you mention, because I suspect we have somewhat similar taste in smells.