So I still have no keys because the girls in the HOA decided not to show up at their office today. You know, they manage 600 apartments and don’t have to show up. 

So, great I get to tailgate people in and out of the garage at home for another day/night since it’s even locked from the inside. FUN TIMES.

At least when I got to work, someone had opened the door. Usually I’m not that lucky. Yay spare key in my drawer.

So, I did get a visitor today. This guy wanders in and starts to approach my desk. Nothing like being in a corner where I can’t escape.

In any event, this guy approaches and out of nowhere I said, “Hi, Matt.”

This guy looked, walked and talked exactly like a past employee named Matt. This guy not only double-took, but TRIPLE-took.


His name is Matt.

This Matt came in to sell us some services we don’t need. But how weird to “see” a blast from the past. It’s got to be a sign. I wonder if I should call him or something.

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