Dinner in New York

I realize I’m the only person who wears jeans to my Weight Watchers weigh-ins. The leader once made a comment to the group, how she just KNOWS we all have bigger wardrobes than what she sees us in. She referred to some folks having their “lucky” weigh-in outfits.

Frankly I’m sick of looking at the same faces in the same ghastly lightweight tent dresses. I wear jeans on a normal day and that’s what I should be weighted in.

Today’s loss was only 0.2 but that brought me to 15 pounds lost, it gives me my 16-week jewelry and it earns me another five pounds down. Whee. I should have worn denim without so much silver hardware on them. 🙂

So anyway, today was about setting our fall goals. And I realize I “fly by the seat of my pantyhose,” as mom calls it. I don’t plan anything. It’s sheer luck that I’ve made it this far with life, work, weight, car repairs, and every other situation.

My fall goal? Well, I just got a text from a dear friend asking if I could meet her for dinner in New York on Dec. 18. And you know what? I’m going. Flights are $100 one-way to JFK right now. I’ll call my adopted uncle while I’m there and we’ll do it up like we did last year.

And this time I want to get to D.C. The nice thing is, I can take the train everywhere. I’m plotting how to do this. I have to do this. I won’t be able to live if I DON’T do this.

Hmm … Christmas in D.C. or Christmas in Philly? The possibilities are endless. Baltimore, even. Hell, I don’t mind working from there. I have obligations I have to meet, anyway, back here.

And hell, let’s add a 10-pound weight loss goal while we’re at it.

Christmas with people I love. I’ll put on that 10 pounds at the restaurant we’ve picked, I guarantee it. My plan is coming together …

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