Funny how I keep thinking that I’m hearing Crazy’s cell phone ringtone (annoying) and the usual shriek that accompanied it being answered. *shudder* I will overcome the violent physical reaction someday, I assume, but it’s weird how I’m braced for it anyway. I need to bust out the sage and the holy water to adequately cleanse the crime scene.

Too many nutty people have presented themselves in my life, but it’s so rare that one actually vanishes from it. This is a new experience for me — just let me enjoy it. 😉 Although I do sort of feel bad for the person, as I can be compassionate once in a blue moon, I’m still firmly planted in the “Good Riddance” camp.

3 Responses to Detoxing

  1. Sabre :

    I shall refrain from commenting; although, you may hear a giggle or two from my side of the building periodically.

  2. Mel :

    Glad to see you are letting us back in. Good Riddance!

  3. The Goddess :

    I’m surprised at how many of you have been clicking the comment button in hopes that I’d open up some entries. 😉