Dear God, sorry to disturb You…

My beloved Lady L came over today to help me build my dining room set.

It took three hours for us to build the baker’s rack, so we gave up after that and headed out to City Pizza.

You know, back in the day we all helped each other move. Now that we’re grown-ups, we just help each other pack and/or build furniture. And holy shit, we’re still sore!

My asshole mother was here. I had just had a fight with her before Lady L arrived. She asked if she could help and, remembering yesterday’s e-mail, I said she might get tainted by my un-Christian-like-ness, so no thanks.

So she starts insulting me again. I shut her up. She said, “Oh, I see how it is. You can dish it out but you can’t take it.”

I said I can take it when it’s TRUE. And that I haven’t BEGUN to start in on her yet. So there’s the door and I strongly SUGGEST you walk through it.

So when Lady L came, the UEOEH was wandering in and out of the room. And on and off the balcony, using one of the doors in MY BEDROOM.

While I was freshening up before we headed to CityPlace, the UEOEH told Lady L TWICE how “mean” I am to her.

Uh, if you’d seen what the bitch wrote about Lady L in yesterday’s e-mail, it’s a wonder the old lady didn’t get slugged.

And furthermore, how DARE she put me down to my friend!!!

Lady L reported that the UEOEH said she misses her friends back in Pittsburgh. And that she respects how Lady L “does what she has to do” and puts herself first with her job and travels and essentially puts her own needs first.

O RLY? God forbid I ask the bitch to leave the house for a day, and I I’m selfish and MEAN.

I’m done. I’m SO done. I wish I had a sibling to ship her to. I wish SHE had a sibling I can ship her to.

I brought her home a pizza. She’s locked up in her room, probably bitching to her friends about me. I will eat the pizza, then. Fuck her.

God, I’m sorry I failed You on this one. I give up. I can’t take it anymore. I have to give this problem back to You. Her apathy and delusions are no match for me. I’m good but apparently not as good as You thought.

Still praying for a solution.

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