Day 63 of my captivity

If anyone isn’t getting the reference, it’s how the Internet imagines cats counting their days of being with their hoomins. I’m not actually captive unless you’re looking at it through the Stockholm syndrome lens. 

In any event, today I drove my happy ass up to my captor. (It’s Sunday.)  The building is locked. No security badge can help you today. I went to every door. Nothing. Damn it

Heck. I made it two months without having to work a weekend. I still win. Got my momma some cake from our favorite Italian market and a burger from her favorite place. 

Only took three hours round-trip, and now I’m working at home like I should have done in the first damn place. 

But yeah. Someone should have great fun reviewing the security footage with all my choice words shouted at the building. 

I was at my favorite office yesterday to pick up the mail. They have paid for it to stand empty for three months now. And all one needs is a key to get in and out. If only there were still internet, a PC and a desk there for me, I wouldn’t be measuring my days. 

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