Dark angel

As part of my New Years resolutions to keep up with my industry kardashians, if you will, I’ve been the lucky recipient of a lot of gossip. 

Really shocking how many people up and quit. It’s epidemic, really. 

More shocking is who gets shown the door. I’d say more talented people than me, but mine is still there somewhere. 

But being the person who works hard quietly and makes the snappiest comebacks among friends (and hands people ideas with zero credit needed) isn’t really working for anyone but me. 

In any event, one friend said their dream is to retire from their current company. 

And I was like, huh? People my age think that way?

I guess I was too fresh off of hearing about seven different people who were hired by one company, got rolled into another division there, hated it and applied at three others, even called my company for an interview, and then got rolled into yet another division. 

Basically hoping to retire from the company you’re in is about as fantastical as the idea that we will be able to retire at all. 

I didn’t say all that. My friend is a dedicated worker bee like me, and we have that shared panic after seeing great people get axed and lazy mofos getting “axed” to accept more pay and perks.  

All in all we know we are lucky, but we also know Fairy tales don’t always have happy endings. Even though we still think  they could turn out magical, if you just believe. 
Well, just as long as you can drink away our reality that the world’s biggest shithead just got confirmed by congress to run the free world into the ground.

So really, will we even be alive when we are 67? I’m thinking Jessica Alba will be the only one left on the scorched earth, reprising her “Dark Angel” role. (Or Shaliene Woodley in the “Allegiant” series, for yinz youngns, although who would want to hang around Chicago, I ask you?)

There isn’t enough alcohol in Total Wine to soothe me. But it won’t stop me from finding just how much it might take. 

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