Damsel in distress

Good lord, I have to take out trash today. I swear, it’s always a bag of cat poop and another bag of discarded bottles. Yup, that’s me, clanging to the curb. Lord knows there’s no food in the house, but alcohol? Always plenty. Well, always plenty of remnants of it anyway!

I’ve had a tension headache for more than a week now. I haven’t had one in five years, but boy do these bitches render me ineffective. I lost my healthcare card in my move in April, but apparently praying to St. Anthony does work, as I asked for it and walked straight to it. Well, it was under my coatrack exercise equipment. Now if I could just find the sewing kit to patch up the hole in my sleeve caused by our shitty washers here!

No wonder my head is exploding. Tension headaches are fun — they don’t hurt, instead just really, really irritating you. Light is a killer, so I guess I should be grateful I don’t see much of it. It just feels like my eyeballs and my brain are simmering on a stove. The good news? I’ve lost five pounds, because I can only be bothered to eat once a day and that’s only so I have energy to get through it. I’m not sure whether I want to cure these things just yet — maybe in another week or two so I can get back into some clothes that I’ve been missing? 😉 (Ow, it burns to wink. Gah!)

One Lonely Response to Damsel in distress

  1. Connie :

    I have five cats. Imagine the poop I have to deal with!!!
    Sorry about your headache sugar.
    Love ya,