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I know I suck at the customer service component of my job. But Minol, my utility company, makes me look like a fucking Rep of the Year.

My name was misspelled on my June bill, so I had to log in under that wrong name and pay my bill that way. They wouldn’t let me modify my name, so I paid and told them my name was incorrect and couldn’t fix it on the form. Got a response the next day telling me they don’t let customers fix their names, just everything else.

The July bill comes and I can’t log in. When I signed in, I didn’t get a confirmation e-mail and definitely no password reminder, and I make up some esoteric passwords. I tried five or six times to log in, and got frozen out of the account. I wondered if it had to do something with the fact that I was using my “right” name, and sent an inquiry.

This was the 16th. The bill adds a nice late fee on the 17th. Days go by, no response. I keep trying the account, but I’ve been locked out since then and the page will not reset itself to let me try. (I remember the password now, too.)

I just sent yet another e-mail (I can’t keep track of how many at this point), saying I’d GLADLY pay the bill (two months past due) if customer service would unfreeze my online account or at least acknowledge me. Sure, I can write a check but does anyone do that anymore? I don’t have ready access to a mailbox, and fuck, I don’t have stamps. Ask me where my post office is. I don’t know!

So Jeez, why make it so hard to pay online? I’m sort of, oh, dirt broke anyway (despite it being payday) — I don’t mind not parting with all that money. I don’t do difficult. I don’t want to pay them that badly. But for the love, wouldn’t you want to at least help the customers who are TRYING to make a payment or three?!?!

2 Responses to Customer service, people

  1. ms7168 :

    I don’t go around the net paying bills at each individual site. Some of them even charge you for the convenience! How crazy is that?

    I use my bank’s online bill pay and it works beautifully. I only actually wrote =two= checks last year. And only bought =four= stamps.

  2. Erica :

    I’ve never used my bank’s online bill pay (which I just found out is free). I think I’m-a have to look into that. I have a whole folder full of bookmarks that I go through every pay day and make sure everyone’s happy. I’d probably check and re-check them all anyway, but it’d certainly be easier to actually make all those payments in one stop.