Current mood: ass-kicking

I made a post on my private blog that I desperately want to post here, but even though I can hide the body copy, the title is way too deliciously obvious to know what I’m talking about. Oh well! Everyone knows that all it takes is a few (dozen) Guinnesses to get me talking. 😉

The super-hidden blog entry wasn’t about work, but what the hell — it’s 11 p.m. and I’m home, so I can talk about it now. I feel bad that I’m sort of on-edge lately because I’m under enough pressure that, if I ate a hunk of coal, I could totally crap out a diamond.

But even though the list of details — and the meetings to ask how I’m coming along with those details, which are painful because I’d rather be attending to those outstanding details than reporting how I don’t have time to WORK on them because we’re always meeting about them! — is seemingly endless, the truth is? We are building something absolutely amazing.

And I love having this purpose, this drive, this reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Sabre did 95% of the developing and I did 95% of the writing, and holy crap, we’re going to blow people’s minds when this thing is unveiled. And like she said, this project is going to rock and everyone is going to be pleased, even if it kills us in the interim.

I love this time, when you’re certain you’re working on something special. I love being “good” exhausted and I love knowing that, when Phase I of building this skyscraper is done (there are MANY more phases ahead, but the “hard part” is almost done), we will have something significant to show for it.

And really, it’s times like this when you realize your life has been leading you to this moment. I mean, I don’t think I was put on this earth to build this particular skyscraper or anything, but I want to give a glorious FUCK YOU to my prior employer for being so embarrassed of me as a blogger and Web-savvy person — so much so that I quit my job before their snail-slow asses could get around to firing me because I had a mind and skills I wasn’t afraid to use … that they were TERRIFIED of me using.

I am the proud owner of the most-complex site (not this one, obviously!), and highest-ranked by search engine optimization functionality, across our massive universe. And I get to write/blog all the damn time. And my hobbies that have become skills? Are paying my billz.

Suck on that, bitches at the Veggie Patch. May you all rot in hell. *bends over* Kisses! *mwah* Fuckers.

What’s awesome is that, when the success of my project is discussed, my name is always, ALWAYS mentioned. You can’t beat that, yo.

My car was the last one out of the parking lot four days out of five this week. And Monday was a holiday, but I was still there. I sort of cracked on Thursday night, but I’m back, baybee.

So, yeah, a lot of bullshit happens across my life, and I want to kick people in the ‘nads who say that it happens — say it with me — “for a reason.” But days like today, when I’m pre-emptively apologizing to people for being a bitch because my nerves are shot and I am feeling like the kid who didn’t finish her homework even though she studied all night, I can remind myself that I’ve come very far in life.

And I ain’t anywhere done yet. Not even close.

I can’t wait to see the miracles that are left in me, and in Sabre, too. You put two Goddesses on a project and the results are downright divine!!!

I will sleep well tonight. And tomorrow, movies!

It’s good to be me.

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