Since I was up all night with a vein throbbing in my head anyway, I did some thinking.

I was wondering whether the people we perceive as dumb (because of so many reasons) might be the smart ones.

I mean, you give someone a project that should take no more than 10 minutes. Eight days later, they are somehow still working on it.

Not that they reach out to you to ask questions or give you a progress update. And not that they have anything else going on. (At least when I’m late with a project, you can see the other 12 that got pushed in front of it.)

But they are off the radar when big things happen. They don’t lose sleep.

They don’t have an ache in their head and their heart because they tried their best and still it was a mess.

Their souls aren’t in a pool under their shoes that you killed yourself and still nobody’s really happy.

Hell, I’d wager they have no idea what’s going on right in front of them. And they are happy in their ignorance.

But their butts aren’t on the line, either. It’s the people out there trying who live in the hot seat. The mushrooms will keep their jobs forever, probably. Those who try to do right — but have to do so publicly — are the ones with the most to lose. And often do.

Of course, I’d rather be out there trying and pouring my heart into it. Even if it falls to pieces. That’s because I’ve been there when everything went wonderfully and everyone knew who I was and just what I could do.

It’ll all be OK. I need someone to tell me that. Someone I might believe when they said it.


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