Counting down to the next Keys weekend


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Ah, take me away, photo of the waters above the Coral Reef due east of Key Largo…

My brain is dead. My work is not done. I am back right where I was three years ago when I didn’t know where my house was because I worked so many hours. Now that I work at home, I don’t know where outside is.

It’s OK. Can’t complain, really. I don’t work the hours I used to, although the magnitude of each project is starting to consume me just a tad.

I almost fell over when I checked my e-mail today and got a note from another company that would like me to do some freelance for them. I was shocked that they approached me — it was one of those places that I make it my business NOT to, well, do business with.

I remember every company that ever screwed a friend over. I’m loyal to an extent. I mean, hell yeah I will take a paycheck as long as I am worshiped as the goddess I am. But it does get a little icky when there’s a backstory that I’m not supposed to know.

And I ALWAYS know.

This field is already small enough without eliminating opportunities based on past (and future, no doubt) dick moves. Shit, I am pretty sure I’ve already run out of places to work and/or people to work for, if I adhere to the “no buttheads” rule.

This was a hard week. Not excruciating but DEFINITELY frustrating. Either I’m going to get used to it again or I’m going to fling myself off the next glass-bottom boat I’m on and onto the nearest living coral reef. (If I’m doing myself in, I’m doing it in such a way that it hits at least the local papers.)

We’re doing another Keys weekend next weekend. (Fuckin’ YAY.) And I do have some plans this weekend. (Drunken pedicure? Hell yeah.) But my hottest date is with the ‘puter.

There’s SO much to do. SO VERY MUCH. These are the days we are going to look back on, as the cusp before absolute and utter greatness. Either that or the days I remember fondly as I gnaw on the restraints as I whack my head along the wall of my padded room. Whichever.

Glad I have wine. Lots and lots of wine. Because “adult fruit juice” is about the only thing that’s going to keep me healthy enough to keep at it till there’s something to show for it all…

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