Damn it.

The apartment complex I loved most (next to the most-expensive one) called today to say they have the perfect unit available, like, now. *sigh* I can’t break my effin’ lease, but this lovely apartment has a fireplace, and I don’t want to pass it up.

I have some other places to see this weekend, too. But if I had to pick my next place today, I’m between the pretty place (above) with the ideal layout or the way-cheap place out in East Jabip that is $160 less a month.

So basically:

Place A:

Great location
Beds/Baths separated by living area
Great staff/resident events

Place B:

Free parking
Free cable

Damn it.

For the amount of digits in the rent checks from now on, why can’t I have it ALL?!?!

And just to throw the proverbial wrench into the works …

… I got a call telling me that a place where I’ve wanted to work has a job opening that I could be a contender for.

In another part of town, of course!

But you knew that already. 😉


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