There are days when you are all-powerful and you just KNOW you can conquer the world.

Days when, even if everything doesn’t go exactly your way, you still command total control of situations and more importantly, of yourself.

I had some petty crap yesterday that I didn’t let bother me and some more petty crap today that I’m going to do the right thing and overlook.

You know, I am aware that people question some of my decisions and approaches. And they probably should because most are unconventional and probably stupid but I make them work for me.

But nobody else wants their shit questioned … even when it needs to be.

In an event, I almost feel better when I am up to no good. It makes me hyper-aware that I was not, in fact, placed upon this earth to deal with others’ hot messes when I can make my own that are FAR more interesting.

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