Code this

Everyone’s abuzz about the proposed Bloggers Code of Conduct today. That’s the thing, though — bloggers are fine. Bloggers are great. It’s the trolls who need to be shot.

My only problem with the code is that it’s up to the hosting site to control the handful of idiots who may read it, to shield the “good” readers from the assholitry. I get that. I do. I have turned off comments for that very reason. I don’t care what some lonely asshole has to say about me, but don’t turn the attacks to my readers and/or the people I care about. It’s boring.

But moreover than shielding the loyal, fabulous readers, why do I even have to see that shit? I pay good money for domains, bandwidth and other nifty tools that keep my words alive. I don’t give a rat’s ass about what some nut has to say, and it’s my right to ban people from my life, so why do I even have to acknowledge their existence online? Meaning, I don’t need a code of ethics. But certain readers? Need a freaking gag order. And an electroshock from their keyboards.

That said, I’m not posting the “Anything Goes” badge. Quite the contrary: my blog, my thoughts, my rules, my world. Not to sound like a complete douche, but I’m sharing myself here, heart and soul. I don’t need to be held accountable by anyone or anything. Because who’s to hold everyone else accountable for their actions? It’s like how we as a society would rather pass laws rather than take the remote out of kids’ hands and actually parent them. I’m living by my (high) standards and everything I do is accepted by the people who pay me, so screw everyone else.

Like Tiff says in her blog policies, “In case you’re wondering, though, I take a particularly dim view of personal attacks, threats, and epithets of a racial, sexual, religious, or ethnic nature. If you want to engage in that kind of behavior, get your own damn blog because you won’t be doing it here.”

So, come out from behind spoofed IPs and anonymous e-mail addresses and THEN type what you have to say. If you really want to contribute to the conversation, or initiate your own, then you need to be willing to hear the response. It’s like the kid who thinks he “wins” because he pees in the sandbox and forces all the other kids out. But all he really accomplished was being stuck in a wet, stinky sandbox, all by himself. Call us when you break out the Pampers Pull-ups and can sit nice at the table. Till then, bugger off. And have a nice day! 🙂

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