‘Closer to Nowhere’

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“Now you go to work and you work all day
You smoke and bitch on your coffee break
You grab that phone, rehearse those lines
Then you call home sayin’ you gotta work tonight
You hit those bars, you buy some drinks
For the first one who looks good and thinks you’re cool
You’re closer to nowhere…”

— Jen Foster, “Closer to Nowhere”

Story of my life. The whole damn song.

The saving grace to today is that I started my adjusted meds and I feel really good.

I was thinking of paying a really good psychic to talk to my mother. I say this as my account is bouncing to the sky due to bad budgeting. 🙂 C’mon Friday payday!

Speaking of bad budgeting, my new dining room set was delivered today — in a gazillion boxes. That the FedEx guys told the UEOEH they weren’t allowed to bring inside. So her weak little ass had to drag them in. Which I had to hear about. So sorry for the inconvenience.

Aside to Lady L: Can I take you up on your offer to help me build these things? 🙂

I’m thinking it’s high time for a traditional Thanksgiving meal instead of making reservations. It’s four years ago Thanksgiving that my grandfather died — since the day I knew I was inheriting the UEOEH, although nobody could predict she’d still be all up in mah grill.

Apparently I am having a guest for the holiday. Of the male variety. Who plans to spare no amount of noise to offend said houseguest. I’m sure she’d just sit on the couch and listen. Or watch. As my friend M. noted, the woman has NO BOUNDARIES.

Oh well. As long as I can keep my job and keep making money to fund my trips, that’s all that really matters. I’ll take my happiness where I can get it, since it’s so damn compromised in other places.

“Can you explain why the only place you go is to waste?”

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