Clapping for T-Shirts Again

I’ve told the story many times about the press conference my girlfriend S. and I orchestrated at the National Press Club and the great CNN interview I arranged for the president of my then-employer. And how after we showed the reel to the company, we were upstaged by the CEO lauding the graphic designer and the office Town Crier for choosing to put a white logo on a black shirt. Not only that but we had to give them a standing ovation while my friend and I were further demeaned and demoralized.

I type all of this on my phone to say that I just exited another “clapping for T-Shirts” company meeting. Fine, applaud people who did achieve stuff. But consider that I busted my butt too, and maybe I’m tired of being the only car in the lot past a certain hour.

It really doesn’t bother me as much as this post may indicate. Probably because it’s familiar territory. But don’t laud this one and credit that one but not everyone who went the extra mile and a half. Because that’s a quick way to get thrown into the same category as my meeting leader.

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