Cat ate my shoes

I swear to GOD, I hate my cats. I rarely buy boots, and when I do, they are of the best quality around and they have to be bone-colored. (Winter white, off-white, whatever — I do not do well with dark shoes.)

Anyway, I had a favorite pair that I was counting on getting me through this winter. (Even though they’re dress boots and not worth a good god damn when it actually SNOWS or anything.) I wore them to work today. Per usual, I was in a hurry and a dither and trying to overcome the hangover from five (!) sleeping pills. (Yes, it takes that many now.)

So I was having a meeting in my new, pretty little office when I crossed my legs and noticed that my cats, while I was out-of-town, had eaten through the heels of my boots. Is leather tasty? Do they LIKE having me consider donating them to the local Vietnamese restaurant after they piss me off? I could just SCREAM — what am I going to do for cute winter footwear? All I have are about 120 pairs of high-heeled sandals to fall back on! ARGH!

I keep thinking about how much life is going to change once Mom hits town, but you know what? If she can keep those two little four-pawed monsters in check for me (and bake me cookies), I think everything will turn out peachy-keen. …

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