Can haz belt, redux

OK, so my jeans are falling off my hips and my pink-and-black scandalous gutchies are of course on display. So, aha! Belt! Right?


The freaking belt (it’s gold. I’m wearing a Steeler shirt. I MUST MATCH MY BLACK AND GOLD GOD DAMN IT) is too big, even on its smallest hole.

The really cruddy part of this all is that I have been trying on new jeans but I can’t find anything that I like or that doesn’t create a muffin top in a smaller size. Besides, since I have, oh, 30 pairs of jeans in my closet, I’d like to give them a LITTLE more use before I go and donate them.

I know, not the worst problems I’ve ever had. … 😉

2 Responses to Can haz belt, redux

  1. ExtraordinaryGirl :

    Hahah, no, not the worst problems I’ve seen you blog about, but definitely the BEST ones so far! ;D

    And you go, girl, with your matching gold belt; so many people these days fail to understand the whole matching/accessorizing thing. 😛

    Good for you, Goddess, sounds like you’re in –or at least getting to– a really good place, I’m so happy for you!!

    I’m definitely cheering you on!!

  2. chris hayes :

    Such a shame your black and gold garb didn’t help your team or offensive line against my mighty Eagles.
    Had ya shown your rack it may have,.